Welcome back, Parents and Guardians....

Woodrow Wilson Middle School

1800 Cottman Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19137

July 14, 2021

Dear Parents/Families of Woodrow Wilson Middle School


We hope this letter finds you well and that you are taking time to enjoy the summer months.

The School District of Philadelphia is in the planning stages for a safe return to in-person learning for all students. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our District, and the opportunities for our children, in many ways, but we are committed to doing everything we can to recover and improve student outcomes this year. One change we are making, as part of a larger strategy for improving outcomes for all students, is phasing in a standardized approach to daily start and end times.

This year, with the support of Transportation Services, all bus schedules will be aligned with one of three uniform bell times. Standardizing our bell times will help to reduce the amount of time students spend on buses, help ensure buses are on time more often, allow for consistent cleaning of high touch areas on buses between runs, and help the Office of Transportation Services overcome a significant reduction in staffing due to resignations and retirements over the last 18 months.

As a result, Woodrow Wilson Middle School has new start times and end times for 2021-2022 School Year. This year, school will begin at 8:15 am and end at

3:19 pm each day. We are providing this information now so you can start to make any needed family arrangements ahead of time to ensure your child can attend school on time every day in alignment with this new schedule.

More information about our return to school in the fall, and opportunities for you to participate in school and District-level meetings and events, will be shared with you during the District’s Back-to-School campaign leading up to August 31st — the first day of school. In the meantime, I encourage you to visit the School District of Philadelphia website on a regular basis for the most up to date information: www.philasd.org.

Wishing you a safe and healthy summer.


Shawn McGuigan, Principal


Parents, Guardians, and Students

The School District of Philadelphia has transitioned to a one to one model last spring. We are seeking your support to ensure we have accurate accounting of the Chromebook assigned to the students at Woodrow Wilson. Please help us update your record to reflect the actual device (Chromebook that you have). Click here for form

El Distrito Escolar de Filadelfia ha hecho la transición a un modelo uno a uno la primavera pasada. Buscamos su apoyo para asegurarnos de tener una contabilidad precisa del Chromebook asignado a los estudiantes de Woodrow Wilson. Ayúdenos a actualizar su registro para reflejar el dispositivo real (Chromebook que tiene). O Distrito Escolar da Filadélfia fez a transição para um modelo individual na primavera passada. Estamos buscando seu apoio para garantir que tenhamos uma contabilidade precisa do Chromebook atribuído aos alunos da Woodrow Wilson. Ajude-nos a atualizar seu registro para refletir o dispositivo real (Chromebook que você possui).费城学区去年春天已过渡到一对一模式。我们正在寻求您的支持,以确保我们对分配给 Woodrow Wilson 学生的 Chromebook 进行准确核算。请帮助我们更新您的记录以反映实际设备(您拥有的 Chromebook)。انتقلت مقاطعة فيلادلفيا التعليمية إلى نموذج واحد إلى واحد في الربيع الماضي. نحن نسعى للحصول على دعمكم للتأكد من أن لدينا محاسبة دقيقة لجهاز Chromebook المخصص للطلاب في وودرو ويلسون. الرجاء مساعدتنا في تحديث السجل الخاص بك ليعكس الجهاز الفعلي (Chromebook الذي لديك).

The 2021-2022 Woodrow Wilson School Plan is now available for public review. Share your feedback by clicking here.

Letter from Dr Kock

Click here for the MEH-155 dental form  that all students entering 7th needs to get filled out by their dentist. They should then hand in to the nurse.

Click here for the MEH1, the physical form that needs to be filled out by the doctor and returned to the nurse.  It is for all new students (new to the district) and all students entering 6th grade.

Click here for the link for the S865 form that all students need completed (by parent/ guardian) before school starts in the fall.


Wilson FY21-22 Parent Engagement Policy

21-22 Parent Compact Policy 

Parent compact and the family engagement policy feedback form 


Free Mental Health Counseling Information

Click here for more information

This triggers the tooltipHome and School Association Parent Interest Form

Formulário de interesse de associação de casa e escola


استمارة الاهتمام بجمعية المنزل والمدرسة(Arabic)

Home and School Association Interest Form (English)

Formulario de interés de la asociación de hogares y escuelas


The Office of Family and Community Engagement is teaming up with the Office of Academic Supports this month to provide a variety of new FACT Online workshops designed to help families support their students.

Topics include instructional support for English learners, early literacy, and supports for students with varying needs. Interpretation is available in Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish and can be requested in advance at www.tinyurl.com/FACTinterpretation. Workshops are held on Zoom and are open to the public. Course titles, descriptions, and information to join are listed at www.philasd.org/FACE/FACT.