National History Day District Competition

Congratulations to all Woodrow Wilson students who participated in National History Day on March 13, 2019. Over 400 students gathered at the National Constitution Center for the Philadelphia District Competition.Three Woodrow Wilson Wilson projects placed in the top Exhibit category. We are so proud of all the students who participated in the competition. This is the first time in Wilson’s history to sweep a single category. These projects will be moving up to the state level competition.

NHD Competition

Wilson students at the NHD competition

The Triangle Factory Fire

 1st Place  Factory Fire Project by the below students: Bianca Costa-Luna, Sterlin Boisrond, Richard Kang, Julius Bryce, and Adrian Afoawkwa 

1st Place Winners

The Atomic Bomb Project

2nd Place: The Atomic Bomb Project:  Little Boy and Fat Man by the below students  Zerimar Lopez, Sharon Jin, Amy Tan, and Xuiwen Zhen

2nd Place Winners

General Order Number II (1862)

3rd Place: General Order Number II (1862) Project by: Zerimar Lopez, Sharon Jin, Amy Tan, and Xuiwen Zhen

3rd Place Winners

3rd Place Winners