About Us

Our Mission

Our MISSION at Wilson Middle School is to sustain a safe and nurturing environment in which the entire learning community addresses the unique developmental needs of early adolescents. We shall collaborate freely to ensure that every student develops confidence, competence, and independent capacity. This shall be accomplished through meticulous dedication to curriculum and appropriate data-based instruction.

Our Vision

Wilson Middle School’s VISION is structured upon:

  • Implementing research-based learning strategies that are currently adjusted to improve the instructional programs
    and student performance.
  • Creating an environment that has a clear and articulated focus towards student achievement.
  •  Facilitating proficient teaching and learning utilizing core curriculum strategies.
  • Promoting opportunities for social, emotional, and physical growth of every individual.
  • Providing avenues for students, staff, and parents to mutually explore learning and foster the desire to expand
    their goals.
  • Inspiring the community to be involved in collaborative and responsible partnerships and activities.
  • Providing professional development for the staff that is aligned with Wilson Middle School’s vision.