2020 8th Grade Contract


Woodrow Wilson Middle School

1800 Cottman Avenue; Philadelphia, PA

(215) 400-3190


Shawn McGuigan                        Dina Caplan                                 Kevin Griffis                                Maryann Conkle

Principal                                       Asst. Principal                             Asst. Principal                             Asst. Principal






FROM:            S. McGuigan, WMS Principal

M. Conkle, WMS Assistant Principal

D. Caplan, WMS Assistant Principal

K. Griffis, WMS Assistant Principal

8th grade teachers & staff


DATE:             January 16, 2020

SUBJECT:       8th grade CONTRACT



In order to begin our preparation for 8th grade closing move-up events we are notifying students and our parents of the requirements and obligations we hold for your child in order to participate.  We want you to know that we maintain high expectations for student academic success and adherence to the School District’s Student Code of Conduct.  Below are listed behavior violations that may affect your child and prevent them from participating in any 8th grade class trip, luncheon or Move-up (graduation) day celebration.

Move-Up Day will be held on Thursday, June 11 at Northeast High School.

Further information about Move-Up Day, possible trips and any costs will be sent in a different letter.

This contract will also be posted on our school’s website (wwilson.philasd.org) should you misplace this paper.


CODE OF CONDUCT VIOLATIONS (as identified in the Student Code of Conduct):

Please refer to the School District of Philadelphia Code of Student Conduct, found at www.philasd.org , pages 21 through 26.


We ask that you review with your child the rules of STUDENT CONDUCT and sign and return this contract confirming your acceptance.  Our goal is for your child to complete this school year successfully and participate in the memorable closing events being planned by Wilson administration and staff. We will continue to notify you about your child’s behavior as we proceed, however, we will reserve the right to exclude your child from any or all 8th grade activities (including the MOVE-UP ceremony) if they are in violation of any part of the student code of conduct.  Many of these violations frequently occur, yet students do not take them seriously. These violations are SERIOUS and interrupt the positive climate of our school and will be strictly monitored.  This policy is in effect beginning Tuesday, January 21, 2020.

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Detach and Return to the Advisory Teacher by Friday, January 24, 2020



I have reviewed this contract with my child _________________________________.  (print student’s name) Section ________


We understand and accept the terms and conditions for participation in ALL EIGHTH-GRADE activities.





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